Keep It Simple: Concept Porcelain Book

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2018.5(1).bookreview.3



Paulo Battistella

Biomimicry has been introduced as a term for innovations inspired by nature and the author of this book applies this concept when performing dental restorations. The book has four chapters and clearly describes the technique for layering restorative materials to more accurately recreate the esthetic qualities found in natural teeth while being abundantly illustrated. The author presents the concept of dentin layering and preparing the structure to receive the enamel effects in their places. After the layer of dentin, he covers it with a layer simulating the dentinoenamel junction (DEJ) followed by the final layer, a thin layer of enamel sealing the tooth for canine lateral and central teeth porcelain restoration. The author presents the proper stratification technique by starting from the alveolar model by Willi Geller; the technique is described in detail throughout an entire chapter. Next, he describes the rehabilitation plan from the extra- and intra- oral photos protocol, wax-up protocol, the interocclusal records in light curing resin and the mock-up. The last part is used by the author to describe 11 clinical cases which illustrate his method of restoration, which highlights the ideal case of biomimicry. Paulo Battistella’s book is accompanied by over 500 exceptional photographs taken by a professional photographer and is a true guide to dental materials stratification techniques to make ceramic restorations with exceptional aesthetic qualities. Each ceramist should consult this book in order to perfect his technique and to make restorations as natural as possible.


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