Adviser of dental industry quality products: IDS 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(1).prodnews.1


Florin – Eugen Constantinescu
DMD, PhD Student; Editorial Director, Product News

At the 38th International Dental Show (IDS), Cologne, Germany, over the five days (12-16 March, 2019), a total ews exposure area of 170,000 m² was attended by 2,327 companies from 64 countries whose stands were visited by over 160,000 visitors from 166 countries. The trade and the users mainly focused on innovative products and technologies, systems for improving digital workflows, additive production, new prophylaxis formulas for and filling materials, intraoral scanners, implant designs as well as flexible workflows for management of the laboratory. As a first global oral hygiene innovation, the multifunctional device of Dr. Mark Wotherspoon from Australia, is an allin-one system that cleans, stores and protects all types of removable dental appliances called Dr. Mark’s HyGenie®. As an enthusiast of periodontal surgery, we prospered the market for additive manufacturers. At the UK company stand, EthOss Regeneration Ltd, I re-introduced the inventor of EthOss, Dr. Peter Fairbairn, and his team. EthOss®, a mixture of completely synthetic material, is a step forward in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and Bone Grafting technology. Personal experience over 2 years, the excellent results obtained and the use by oral implantologists around the world of this completely synthetic material, make me recommend you with all the warmth. Following the introduction through the world of oral implant manufacturers, we have seen the presence of the established companies (Alpha-Bio Tec Ltd, B & B Dental Ltd, Bicon Dental Implants, Implant Direct, MegaGen Implant Co., Ltd., Straumann Deutschland GmbH) new models and some young producers. At IDS 2019, Straumann launched a new implant, BLX Implant, developed by Dr. Ophir Fromovich, a former graduate of “Carol Davila” University in Bucharest, Romania. Reaching my constant passion for dental occlusion and instrumental occlusal analysis, I went to Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG and Zebris Medical GmbH. The owner of Bausch, Dr. André Bausch and his daughter, presented to us and my father, the new OccluSense® BK 5000 system, which combines the traditional and digital recording of the pressure distribution of occlusal surfaces. Compared to the well-known T-Scan (Tekscan, Inc., South Boston, MA 02127, USA) whose 100 microns pressure sensor at OccluSense® is only 60 microns in color, it is red. Traditional color transfer on occlusal surfaces facilitates the allocation of recorded data. The data can be displayed in 2- and 3-dimensional graphs, including the digitally recorded masticatory distribution in 256 pressure levels. Eng. Wolfgang Brunner, one of the owners of Zebris Medical GmbH, presented us with the characteristic enthusiasm, the Optic Jaw Motion Analyzer. The new system extends Zebris’ US JMA systems with state-of-theart optical sensor technology. The analyzer is made up of a handy stand-alone face with a lower jaw sensor, capable of recording the lower jaw movement range on all degrees of freedom with high precision. Its uses cover a wide range of applications, from the creation of functional dental restorations to planning, documentation and monitoring of oral rehabilitation. In addition to my IDS trip, I found that the Optic or US, JMA systems was developed by Zebris Medical GmbH for instrumental analysis of occlusion for 12 companies, including AXIOQUICK 3D Recorder for SAM-Dental, SICAT JMT + for SICAT GmbH & Co. KG. KG, ARCUSdigma™ for KaVo Dental GmbH. Of course, I could continue listing the important products exhibited this year by the dental manufacturers present. I reserve for the following issues to provide you with other products of interest.


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