Bone Management in Dental Implantology

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(2).bookreview.7

Authors: Andi Setiawan Budihardja / Thomas Mücke

In current practice, in order to meet the needs or wishes of their patients, dentists, often use various oral implant techniques.
The book entitled “Bone Management in Dental Implantology,” editors Andi S. Budihardja, and Thomas Mücke, presents to the reader all the necessary information on the bone augmentation in oral implantology.
The book is divided into 8 chapters.
After presenting the basic principles and requirements for successful bone augmentation, there follow exemplifications on mandible bone grafting, guided bone regeneration, bone splitting, interpositional osteoplasty based on indications, patient preparation, surgical technique and illustration with some significant cases.
Maxillary sinus lift, anatomy, indications and counterindications as well as techniques are presented in a consistent chapter. Iliac and vascularized bone grafts are described in two separate chapters covering clinical assessment and planning, surgical approach and special consideration. Bone substituting materials pertaining to dental implantology, autograft and allograft, synthetically derived bone grafting and current perspectives and future directions are detailed and supported by clear iconography.
The book has a chapter on the treatment of peri implant infections discussing the diagnosis, the treatment of peri implant mucositis, periimplantitis and their clinical implications.
The last chapter is dedicated to laser in oral implantology and presents the advantages and disadvantages, dental laser systems, indications, future developments and laser safety.
The book is an updated work on the possibilities of bone regeneration, constituting a guide for oral implantologists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and dentists involved in oral surgery.

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