Aggressive dentigerous cyst in a 9-year child: a case report and review of literature

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(3).art.5



Aim To report a case of aggressive dentigerous cyst associated with unerupted mandibular 2nd premolar.
Summary Dentigerous cyst (DC) is a developmental odontogenic cyst, commonly occurs between the 2nd and 3rd decade and is associated with the crown of unerupted tooth. Unless infected, these cysts usually remain asymptomatic. However, they may develop as a result of apical spread of inflammation from primary teeth causing pain, swelling and bone destruction.
A 9-year-old child presented to the pediatric clinic with pain and swelling for 3 weeks. Clinical examination revealed endodontically treated lower left primary 2nd molar with slight mobility. Also, there was an obvious expansion of the buccal plate. The radiographs and CBCT revealed large cystic lesion around the crown of unerupted mandibular left 2nd premolar causing massive destruction of the buccal and lingual plates. The cystic lesion was treated by enucleation and removal of the unerupted 2nd premolar tooth. The histopathology confirmed a diagnosis of dentigerous cyst. The follow-up demonstrated uneventful healing and good prognosis.
Key learning points
– It is crucial to follow-up any pulpally treated primary teeth.
– There is a potential Infection spread from infected primary roots to the follicular tissues of permanent teeth that could instigate unexpected pathology.
Keywords Dentigerous Cyst; Enucleation; Marsupialization; Unerupted premolars.


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