Impact of periodontitis on the ECG dispersion mapping of the myocardial tissues

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(3).art.1


Introduction The periodontal disease is considered to have an epidemic reach in the general population. The impact of the periodontal disease on the general health is studied from the perspective of the existence of complex interrelationships, especially with respect to the cardiovascular system. The aim of the study was the assessment of the correlation between the clinical signs of the chronic periodontitis and the changes in the ECG dispersion of the myocardial tissues and the analysis of the efficiency of the masticatory test and full mouth disinfection procedure for recording these signs in patients with chronic periodontitis.
Methodology 92 patients with chronic periodontitis without the clinical manifestations of the cardiovascular disease and pathological signs on standard ECG were included in the study. Periodontitis was diagnosed based on the clinical and radiological exams.The ECG dispersion mapping technology was used to identify changes in the myocardial tissues, under various conditions.
Results The pathological system of periodontitis-target organ (heart), its elements and the pathways of interaction were described. The research outlined the diagnostic value of the masticatory test and of the full mouth disinfection procedure in the process of identifying the changes in ECG dispersion of the myocardial tissues in patients with chronic periodontitis. It also proposed an algorithm for the interdisciplinary management of patients with chronic periodontitis, based upon the periodontitis-target organ (heart) concept.
Conclusion The periodontitis-target organ (heart) concept represents a cumulative synthesis of the available data from literature and of our investigations, and it may prove as a step towards an integrative medicine approach in periodontology.
Keywords Interdisciplinary management; Index myocardium; Periodontal index; Periodontics; Target organ.


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