Sports Dentistry: Principles and Practice

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(4).bookreview.4

Authors: Peter D. Fine, Chris Louca, Albert Leungt

The book entitled “Sports Dentistry: Principles and Practice” offers dentists the most effective treatment methods for sports dentistry in the dental, endodontic and restorative area.
The book contains eleven chapters and an index.
First, the authors present the prevalence / incidence of dental trauma during sports, dealing with trauma caused to teeth, the role of education and the role of sports dentistry.
The book deals with dental trauma to the hard and soft tissues in the adult athlete, so injuries are classified, and then trauma to the periodontal ligament is presented root fractures, splinting techniques, ankylosis and an emergency dental kit are discussed.
Regarding trauma to the permanent dentition in pediatric patients in competitive sports, the book discusses epidemiology, preventing trauma, emergency management of soft tissue injuries, primary teeth, permanent teeth and prognosis.
It presents the restoration of teeth damaged by trauma, restorative techniques, anterior restorations with composite material, clinical sequence and minimally invasive bonded porcelain.
As to the endodontic treatment as a consequence of sports injuries, the nature of the injuries, the vitality of the dental pulp, while the treatment and recall are specified.
The treatment of dental wear in athletes is analyzed from the perspective of the types of wear, prevalence, diet, gastro-oesophageal reflux (GORD) and laryngopharyngeal (LPR), eating disorders and management. The prevention of sporting dental injuries is exemplified with different devices such as: mouthguards, helmets, early intervention orthodontics, face shields and effective preventive measures.
The book discusses the role of nutrition in sports, optimal diet for athletes, hydration, supplements and eating disorders.
The analysis of dental disorders in elite athletes identifies a number of conditions: tooth surface loss, acidic challenge, dental caries, acute and chronic infections, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and barotrauma.
The book is clearly written and is accompanied by explanatory diagrams and images, and a website with illustrative case studies, constituting a guide for the general practitioner and specialists in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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