Treating the Complete Denture Patient

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2020.7(1).bookreview.1



Carl F. Driscoll / William Glen Golden

Even though the prevalence of edentulism is declining globally, the growth of the elderly population will be
fueling the demand for complete prostheses for the coming decades. This tendency has led a number of authors to address the problem of treating toothless patients with the help of complete dentures.
Dr. William Glen Golden, DDS, initially a dental technician in the US Navy, along with well-known clinicians
and professors Carl F. Driscoll, DMD, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, and Nadim Z. Baba, DDS, of
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA undertook to present their experience in the field of dental prosthetics
in the book entitled Treating the Complete Denture Patient.
The book is divided into forty chapters and is accompanied by a list of captions, an index and a video material.
It presents all the stages of achieving a complete denture in dental practice, descriptive material, techniques
and methods used in current practice.
It explains all clinical and laboratory stages of complete dentures procedures. Emphasis is placed on the important clinical examination to identify anatomical landmarks in the maxillary and mandibular arch. From the
initial appointment, preliminary and final impressions, centric relation records, mounting casts on an articulator, selecting and setting denture teeth, and processing complete dentures gets to explain how to repair a
broken complete denture, how to use implants to stabilize a complete denture, immediate complete dentures, tissue conditioners and the fabrication of digital complete dentures.
This book clearly presents each clinical and laboratory steps in achieving complete dentures.
Each chapter is richly illustrated, more than 800 photographs illustrate the text, including access to a companion website offering video clips. It is a fundamental source for dental students, general practitioners and
laboratory technicians, offering a practical approach to fabricating and fitting patients for complete dentures.

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