Dental Reception and Supervisory Management

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2020.7(3).bookreview.3

Author: Glenys Bridges

Dental Reception and Supervisory Management, 2nd edition, by Glenys Bridges, an experienced management and administration trainer, covers the area of knowledge needed for receptionists and supervisory managers to provide effective activity and a patient-friendly approach.
The book has 12 chapters which define the role and tasks of dental reception and supervisory management, and then establish their administrative role, informing the reader on marketing, financial aspects of patient consent, staff selection, quality management, the role of management and leadership, team meetings, safety and well-being, customer care strategy, treatment coordination and aspects of computer technology required for each member of the dental team. Dental Reception and Supervisory Management, 2nd edition is intended for dental receptionist practice, but is also a working tool for dental nurses, dental hygienists, and dentists.
The book is accompanied by a companion website, which facilitates learning the basics within the constant items that a dental receptionist must accumulate.

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