Essential Endodontology: Prevention and Treatment of Apical Periodontitis

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2020.7(4).bookreview.2

Authors: Dag Ørstavik

Infections of the pulpal and periapical tissues occupy a distinct field in the endodontic pathology which we frequently meet in dental clinical practice. The 3rd edition of Essential Endodontology: Prevention and Treatment of Apical Periodontitis edited by Dag Ørstavik Professor Emeritus of Endodontology at the University of Oslo,Norway along with 16 contributors, is the latest information source in apical periodontitis.
The book is divided into 12 chapters followed by an index. After being presented the terminology regarding apical periodontitis, we are informed about pulp infection, periapical inflammation, and biological and clinical significance. Dentin – pulp and periodontal anatomy and physiology, etiology, pathogenesis and microbiology of pulpitis and apical periodontitis are detailed below.
Data on epidemiology, treatment outcome, and risk factors for apical periodontitis are outlined in a separate chapter. Radiological aspects of normal apical periodontium, apical periodontitis, conventional radiography, and CBCT are presented to complete the diagnosis. Clinical manifestations starting with pulpal diagnostic terms, symptomatology of pulpal disease, clinical findings, diagnostic testing, formulation of a pulpal diagnosis, periapical diagnostic symptomatology of periapical disease are presented in order to establish a correct diagnosis. The biological basis for endodontic repair and regeneration, and treatment of the exposed dentine pulp complex are also developed.
Vital pulp extirpation, effective local anesthesia, canal shaping, irrigation and medication, root canal filling, and coronal restoration and data on surgical endodontic procedures are the notions presented in the last chapters.
The book contains images, tables, radiographs and the latest references to inform the reader as accurately as possible and also a website that presents the essentials of endodontology.
It is a systematic analysis of the scientific basis of endodontology, an accessible source for practicing endodontists, postgraduate students of endodontology, and those seeking professional certification in endodontology.

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