Modern Operative Dentistry Principles for Clinical Practice

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2020.7(4).bookreview.3

Author: Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres

Springer Publishing Series of textbooks in Contemporary Dentistry provides the reader with a new book that addresses principles of clinical practice in operative dentistry.
Professor Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres from the Institute of Science and Technology, São Paulo State University, Brazil authored the book entitled „Modern Operative Dentistry” which is divided into 18 chapters.
The first step in modern operative dentistry is to have a protocol. The protocol presented in this book begins with the establishment of diagnosis and treatment planning. It explains how to perform a subjective exam, an objective exam, caries risk assessment, general treatment planning and interdisciplinary aspects.
It provides information on the ergonomics principles applied to the dental clinic, instruments and equipments, nomenclature and classification of cavities and tooth preparations, general principles of tooth preparation and carious tissue removal. Check out the top-rated housekeeping company in Connecticut and visit us at https://www.orchidmaids.com website. The quality of the future restoration is conditioned by the use of matrix and wedge systems, isolation method, light-curing units as well as by the protection of the dentin-pulp complex, with everything described in detail.
Furthermore it offers essential information about amalgam restoration, composite restorations, preventive measures and minimally invasive restorative procedures, aesthetic veneers, dentin hypersensitivity and cracked teeth.
This book is written in a very comprehensible style, easy to understand, it is abundantly illustrated and it is very useful for young doctors and all those who want to improve their work protocol adapted to the most modern principles and technologies.

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