VEP – Vertical Edgeless Preparation: Periodontal Dominance in Prosthetic Preparation

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2023.10(1-4).bookreview.2

Author: Edoardo Foce, Gaetano Noè, Gianfranco Di Febo, Roberto Bonfiglioli, Gianfranco Carnevale

VEP is the acronym for Vertical Edgeless Preparation, a technique for the preparation of complete prosthetic crowns indicated for teeth that have lost their attachment, or for teeth with reduced periodontal support, with minimal probing (≤ 3 mm). This technique involves the subgingival extension of the preparation, in order to ideally treat the entire exposed root surface, up to the epithelial attachment, creating an axial wall without corners or edges in the prosthetically usable area.

VEP – Vertical Edgeless Preparation is a book which describes the technique clearly, is supported by suggestive illustration and is divided in four chapters. The first chapter begins with the descrip- tion of the method, the concepts of the Cartesian axes and the relevant orders of magnitude are again proposed as well as a new simplified classification of the different prosthetic preparations. It then presents the anatomical, histological and physiological aspects of the marginal periodon- tium that are the basis of this method of preparing prosthetic crowns.

In a separate chapter, the practical part of the VEP technique is described, the different clinical and laboratory phases, the instruments and the operational sequence, comparing the classical applications with the new ones, in the view of the latest technological developments.

The last chapter defines the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the indications and contra- indications for the use of the VEP technique.

VEP – Vertical Edgeless Preparation by Doctors Edoardo Foce, Gaetano Noè, Gianfranco Di Febo, Roberto Bonfiglioli and Gianfranco Carnevale constitutes a practical guide for every dentist who aims to treat as correctly as possible teeth that have lost their attachment, or teeth with reduced periodontal support.

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