A multidisciplinary approach for the rehabilitation of a patient with chondrosarcoma: prosthetically-driven digital workflow for maxillary reconstruction and implant treatment

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2021.8(3).art.7



Aim To describe a comprehensive digital therapy oriented towards the final restoration for treating an oral maxillofacial defect caused by maxillary chondrosarcoma.
Summary The prosthetically-driven multidisciplinary approach was applied to achieve perfectly functional-aesthetic reconstruction for a male patient with maxillary chondrosarcoma. The complete tumor resection was ensured by the design of virtual osteotomy and surgical guide plate. A reverse engineering technique was used to reconstruct the bone defect in the maxillary aesthetic area, which offered reference for a three-dimensional printing guide plate to shape and fix the free vascularized iliac bone flap. On the solid basis of previous treatment, the implant placement was performed under the guidance of the prosthetic-driven implant plate. Vestibular extension and tissue graft were performed to increase keratinized gingiva width to improve implant-supported fixed prosthesis effect.
Key learning points 1. A multidisciplinary approach including maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontic and periodontal treatment can provide better esthetic and functional results for complex rehabilitation of a patient with oral maxillofacial defect. 2. Predictability of maxillary reconstruction and implant restoration can be increased with prosthetic-driven treatment plan. 3. Applying preoperative virtual design and personalized guide plate is beneficial to achieve an ideal outline of reconstructed upper jaw. 4. Obtaining comprehensive aesthetic parameters of the expected restoration is one of the key principles of upper anterior teeth rehabilitation. 5. Digital technology provides an opportunity for consistency between the primary treatment design and the final restoration outcome.

Digital; Surgical guide; Implant supported restoration; Oral-maxillofacial defect; Multidisciplinary approach


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