Comparative evaluation of the relationship of teeth color and soft tissue color of the face in individuals with natural dentition

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2022.9(1).art.3


Introduction The aim of this study is to make it easier for dentists to choose artificial tooth color in fully and partially edentulous patients by evaluating the relationship between the color of the soft tissues of the face and the color of the teeth.
Methodology The CIEL*a*b* color values of the maxillary central teeth of the volunteers participating in the study were measured by spectrophotometer, and skin, lip and eye color were measured from facial images containing ceramic blocks to standardize the light and color values using Adobe Photoshop software. The Kolmogorov-Smirnow test and Spearman Rank Correlation test were used to evaluate the data.
Results It was observed that there was a higher correlation between the L* values of the teeth and the L* and b* values of the skin.When the analysis between the color measurements taken from the lip photographs and the teeth was examined, it was seen that there was a statistically significant positive correlation between the L* values of the upper central teeth and the a* values of the lip.
Conclusion The results showed that the CIEL*a*b* parameters of skin color and lip color can be used in the selection of tooth color in case of loss of natural teeth or discoloration of existing teeth.


Color Measurement; Digital Camera; Spectrophotometer; Skin Color; Tooth Color.

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