Contribution of piezocision in oral surgery: the example of the acceleration of orthodontic movements

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2021.8(3).art.4


Introduction Patients are more demanding of short or less invasive interventions. Piezocision responds well to this demand, particularly in the case of piezo-guided corticotomy to accelerate orthodontic movements. Different surgical approaches are described to shorten orthodontic procedures. Corticotomy is a surgical process where osteotomies are realized at the level of the cortical part of the bone.
Objective The aim of this work is to review the contribution of piezocision in oral surgery, using as example a review over the current results of piezocision on the acceleration of orthodontic movements.
Data sources The articles referenced and used in this article come from the PubMed database. The searched keywords were “piezocision” alone or in combination with “orthodontics”.
Study selection This search resulted in 44 available articles. Subsequently, 6 randomized controlled trials were selected based on relevance, journal, and publication date. Four Randomized Controlled Trials and two Controlled Clinical Trials were studied.
Data extraction The reviewer assessed each article for their relevance and methodology. The 6 studies compared the time savings between conventional orthodontic treatment (control group) and orthodontic treatment combined with piezocision surgery (test group).
Data synthesis Piezocision corticotomy reduces the operation and the postoperative period and increases the acceptance of corticotomies and their indications.

Piezocision ; Orthodontics ; Corticotomy ; Oral Surgery ; Minimally Invasive.

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