An educational platform promoted for Central and East European stomatologists

An educational platform promoted for Central and East European stomatologists
Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu

Dear Readers,
We are glad to have published the first issue of Stomatology Edu Journal (Stoma Edu J), whose main purpose is to bridge the informational and tehnological gap imposed both on Romania and the Republic of Moldova and also on Central and Eastern Europe, by history and geopolitics.
We aim to update the professional information provided to practitioners, educators and researchers as reflected in the latest technologies, in the education system advance and in the research development.
In a dynamic and unavoidably globalized world, interdependence is one of the fundamental rules. We refer to materials engineering, bioengineering, biochemistry and other areas of common interest that are currently opening up to new horizons in research and top industry developments applicable in dentistry, such as fine mechanics and mechatronics.
We wish to achieve integration into European and international practical standards, to become familiar with the latest theories and discoveries. As practitioners and professors we are in pursuit of the constant update of the theoretical and practical aspects in stomatology.
We uphold the multimodal holistic approach to the Oral Pole (OP) recognized as a major factor in the morpho-functional structure of the human body.
Under the philo- and onto-genetics development, the OP is considered the center of energetic integration, postural attitude, exchange of vital elements (O2 /CO2), the place of vector stimulus, sensory discrimination, a means for verbal or non-verbal communication.
We want to provide the young people early in their career with the opportunity to quickly and easily succeed in performing their profession in a competitive world eagerly rushing to take advantage of the latest theories and discoveries worldwide.
Let us give the young people wings to practice this wonderful profession confidently and successfully. Stomatology ensures the care and treatment of the oral cavity (mouth and teeth); by restoring the affected teeth, the normal vital functions and health condition are consequently extended to the benefit of better looking human beings happy to also get extended longevity.
In turn, the younger generations are supposed to further convey to future generations what they have learned from us, with the view to continually improving the quality of the medical care, and to applying prevention so as to preserve the health condition, the great gift received by each of us upon our birth.
To put it in a nutshell: let us help the younger to see; give them wings to practice; and advise them to enlighten the followers, in their turn.