STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2018, Volume 5, Issue 4



The Value of Consensus Conferences: Peer review by 50 key opinion leaders!

Dear readers,
Fifty years ago, for the most part, all the dentist had to know about direct restorative materials was how to use dental amalgam and silicate cement. The preparation design for amalgams was well understood, and mechanical retention was a fundamental requirement. Reliable adhesion to both dentin and enamel was utopian, metal free ceramics were not durable, and light-cured resins had yet to be developed […]
Richard Bengt Price, Jean-François Roulet

Prerequisites to improve the quality of the editorial management system of the journal

Dear readers,
This fourth issue of the Stomatology Edu Journal (Stoma Edu J) closes a stage, namely the first five years in the existence of the journal. Together with the other two Editors-in-Chief, Prof. Jean-François Roulet (University of Florida) and Professor Rolf Ewers (Medical University of Vienna), we have tried to promote it in the academic and editorial space on all possible communication channels. I am deeply satisfied to tell you that through its important research, educational and specialty work […]
Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu


Laudatio in Celebration of Professor Rolf Ewers on his 75th birthday
Together with the readers and the editors at the Stomatology Edu Journal we would very much like to congratulate Professor Rolf Ewers on his 75th birthday. Throughout his academic career he has shown visionary leadership in clinical commitment, clinical expertise, innovation and research creating a brand name at the Vienna University. His department was known for its excellence at the top of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. During and after his academic career he has been the figurehead for many of us and serves as a living example of what can be achieved with intelligence, manual dexterity […]
Constantinus Politis , MD, DDS, MHA, MM, PhD Professor and Chairperson
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Co-Editors-in-Chief (Europe) of Stomatology Edu Journal


22nd of International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey
Between 19th – 21st October, 2018, the Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) held its 22nd edition of the International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry. An outstanding event, with over 600 participants, held in the beautiful city of Istanbul, where history and science perfectly combined together. The congress lasts for 3 full days of an intensive training program with theoretical presentations in one main hall as well as workshops and practical courses […]
Florin Lăzărescu
ESCD President



Influence of chewing load on wear rate of polymethyl methacrylate double cross-linked denture teeth in vitro
Estimates show that in the US the adult population in need of one or two complete dentures will increase from 35.4 million adults in the year 2000 to 37.9 million adults in 2020 [1]. Despite the fact that prevention is able to avoid tooth loss [2,3] these numbers are very high. There are basically two reasons for this. First, the population demographics have changed dramatically. Based on US census statistics […]

Citation: Roulet J-F, Al-Naser A, Martin W, Abdulhameed N, Shen C. Influence of chewing load on wear rate of polymethyl methacrylate double cross-linked denture teeth in vitro. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):210-219


Effect of powdered green tea matcha on biofilm formation by mutans streptococci
Efforts to obtain antibacterial ingredients that meet the criteria of comfort, especially taste, are needed to improve the quality of the oral cavity. Oral health is inseparable from the normal flora balance of the oral cavity in order to prevent the occurrence of caries and gingivitis. The use of natural ingredients that are commonly consumed by the wider community in a place needs to be expanded in the functions of maintaining public health, especially oral health […]

Citation: Rizal MF, Kaneko N, Ogawa H. Effect of powdered green tea matcha on biofilm formation by mutans Streptococci. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):220-225



Current perspectives on digital smile design
In the digital era new technologies are revolutionizing the world of dentistry in order to facilitate and expedite normal procedures. Clinicians are seeking for new ways to implement more comfortable and rapid treatments yet keep high quality results. Due to the high aesthetic demand from patients, displaying a preview of the outcome is the new trend. As Coachman said, for every work of art such as painting, sculpture or dentistry, it is necessary to make a plan or a prototype [1]. Currently, there are some programs available like smile designer pro, digital smile design […]

Citation: Levrini L, Croce S, Popescu SM, Constantinescu M-V, Botta R, Cattoni F. Current perspectives on digital smile design. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):229-235


 Light curing matters: Facts often overseen by dentists
When placing a restoration, dentists are mainly performing a manufacturing process. This presumes good equipment, materials and process techniques. This short article will focus on the latter. A prerequisite for a proper functionality of a resin composite restoration in the oral cavity [1] is to receive sufficient radiant exposure (= irradiance of the light curing unit x exposure time). In adver-tisements, light curing units (LCU) are usually characterized by their irradiance, which is expressed in mW/cm2 […]

Citation: de Oliveira DCRS, Rocha MG, Roulet J-F. Light curing matters: Facts often overseen by dentists. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):236-242


Advances in 3D bioprinting for bony defects of the mandible
Previous methods of dealing with substantial bony defects in the maxillo-facial area (most often arising from trauma, osteonecrosis, tumour removal or congenital disorders) have sought to replace the missing tissue with either artificial materials or with tissue from elsewhere in the body. To this idea, metals and polymers have been used, as well as autogenic parts of the fibula, radius bone, iliac bone and scapula. Though these modalities have proven themselves worthy of performing over not treating the defect at all […]

Citation: Cleemput S, Las D, Jacobs R, Politis C. Advances in 3D bioprinting for bony defects of the mandible. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):243-253



Masking posterior tooth discolorations with color modifiers
The aesthetic appearance of dentition is of concern to a great percentage of the population. Natural teeth demonstrate translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence, all of which must be replicated by restorative materials in order to achieve clinical success. Therefore, pursuing dental treatment and respecting the natural color of the teeth is of particular cosmetic importance. Frequently, after the removal of a previous amalgam restoration, the exposed dentin commonly appears as a black discoloration […]

Citation: Spaveras A, Karkazi F, Antoniadou M. Masking posterior tooth discolorations with color modifiers. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):256-262.


Rotational path partial dentures: an underutilized treatment modality in aesthetic dental medicine
Today’s clinical practice is highly dictated by the increasingly demanding aesthetic standards of the modern patient. While advances in biomaterials and titanium osseo-integrated implants have made replacing missing teeth possible in a natural-looking way, many patients are not candidates for these fixed restorations due to physiological or financial barriers. In this case report, a patient with a history of anterior maxillary incisor partial-edentulism for whom fixed restorations were not […]

Citation: Tow AP. Rotational path partial dentures: An underutilized treatment modality in aesthetic dental medicine. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):263-269

Adam Perry Tow: ORCIDiD | ResearchGate | CrossRef | PubMed | Google Scholar


Teledentistry your partner in improving the oral health care of your patients
In this year’s first issue, we published “Telemedicine in dentistry as the gold standard of improving access to oral health care” [1]. The Editorial Office has received several readers’ requests to provide more information about the telemedicine systems used in dentistry. I have planned this presentation for this year’s last issue. In order to make the presentation more compelling, I have asked for an ad page from both Dr. Jerry Herman, DDS, New York City, NY 10022 for TeleDent by MouthWatch, and Dr. Robert Clark, DDS of Liverpool, NY 13090 for DrQuickLook system […]
Florin-Eugen Constantinescu
DMD, PhD Student Editorial Director, Product News


Bone Grafts and Dental Implants Clinical Practice and New Paradigms
Alfred Seban, Patrick Bonnaud
Publisher: Biotech Dental Group