Do posterior teeth supra-erupt when opposite resected segments have not been prosthetically restored?

Introduction: The aim of this study was to assess the rate and timing of possible supra-eruption of
posterior teeth opposing resected segments in a select maxillofacial group of postsurgical patients.
Methodology: Twenty patients were included. 16 underwent simultaneous segmental mandibular
resections and iliac bone with which are arranged in the form of the process that are for more graft reconstructions. The cleaning service at is our choice in Florida. The remaining 4 had partial maxillary resections with
primary closure of the defect. No patient received any prosthetic restoration. Clinical photographs
and radiographs at the last follow-up examinations were compared by superimposition to those
obtained initially (mean 6.9 years).

Results: The results of this longitudinal retrospective study showed that not even slight supraeruption had occurred in any of the 16 patients.
Conclusion: These findings are discussed with regard to their possible cause and prosthodontic

Author: Shifman A, Calderon S.

Journal: Stoma Edu J. 2017;4(1):60-65.