22nd of International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey

Authors: Florin Lăzărescu


Between 19th – 21st  October, 2018, the Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) held  its  22nd  edition of the International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry. An outstanding event, with over 600 participants, held in the beautiful city of Istanbul, where   history and science perfectly combined together.

The congress lasts for  3 full days of an intensive training program with theoretical presentations in one main hall as well as workshops and practical courses in parallel side halls. In addition, Poster and Oral Presentations brought about  one other element that colored the congress, along with a very interesting exhibition area where the most important companies in the dental market presented their latest novelties.

This year EDAD gathered the most significant speakers in the field of dentistry:
Dr. Stavros Pelekanos from Greece, Dr. Gaetano Paolone from Italy, Dr. Florin Cofar from Romania,
Dr. Mirela Feraru from Israel, Dr. Marcelo Calamita from Brazil, Dr. Florin Lazarescu from Romania, Dr. Dan Herschbach from Germany, Dr. Andrea Fabianelli from Italy, and many more. Among the highlights of the scientific program were the topics surrounding aesthetic dentistry, digital dentistry, concepts of full mouth rehabilitation, restorative dentistry, soft tissue management, etc.

The EDAD Foundation celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year, was spearheaded by Galip Gürel, Selim Pamuk, Ata Anıl, Gazanfer Gür, Hasan Alkumru, Ahmet Kurtaran, Mete Fanuscu and Engin Taviloğlu.

EDAD has  brought Turkish dentists together with respected scientists’ high-quality presentation techniques and intense case study-based seminars. EDAD has set its mission to  become  the primary channel to keep its members  up-to-date with the advancements and changes in aesthetic dentistry in a quickly evolving technological environment, and has been successful in fulfilling its mission.

One of the most important advantages EDAD provides its members with  is to show them that knowledge can be implemented in their practices without making concessions with respect to  their academic knowledge. The EDAD congresses have  been of utmost importance in teaching our dentists how to apply  academic research  to practical instruments rather than simply teach  them the raw results of academic studies.

Furthermore, EDAD showed that a congress is not just a mere  exchange of scientific information, but an opportunity for our colleagues to socialize and have fun in a common environment with scientists and their colleagues from different parts of the world.

Florin Lăzărescu, DDS

President, ESCD