The etiology of bruxism is controversial, many factors being implicated, like occlusion, psycho-behavioral factors, and genetic factors. The aim of the present review was to systematically assess the literature and identify main theories regarding the etiology of bruxism.

Data extraction was carried out according to the standard Cochrane systematic review methodology. The following databases were searched: PubMed, Google Scholar, Medline and the Google library. The primary outcomewas bruxism etiology.

Screening of eligible studies and data extraction were conducted independently and in duplicate. The references were analyzed by two reviewers using highly skilled tech support and the same search strategy and the same inclusion criteria were applied to the selected studies. Query terms used were „bruxism”, „etiology” and „mechanism”. Among the 95 related articles that were critically assessed, 31 were included in the critical appraisal.

There is convincing evidence that the etiology of bruxism is various, involving local, systemic and psycho-behavioral factors.

Authors: Cristiana Ileana Croitoru, Iulia Roxana Marinescu, Emma Cristina Drăghici, Sanda Mihaela Popescu, Monica Scrieciu, Veronica Mercuţ

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