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One post for any canal morphology – Splendor-SAP from Angelus, Brazil

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2021.8(4).prodnews.1

Florin – Eugen Constantinescu
DMD, PhD Student
Editorial Director, Product News

Root canal posts were recommended for anchorage of the core build-up and final coronal restoration. Among the different types of posts available, glass fiber reinforced posts (FRP) have been chosen for use as a post material for aesthetic and reliable restorations in current practice with high success rates.
Recently, the Brazilian company Angelus developed the fiberglass endodontic system called Splendor-SAP, recommended to be used for any root canal morphology.
The recommendation to use Splendor-SAP posts to anchor core build-up and final coronal restoration is based on the following 5 advantages:
– Universal – unique size for narrow, medium and wide canals
– Adjustable depending on the shape of the canal both in diameter and tapering
– Improved retention – mechanical locking in addition to chemical bonding
– Minimally invasive preparation – no need for excessive wearing of the dental structure
– Low risk of root fracture – the elasticity is similar to that of dentin.
The post and the sleeve are made of a composition of 80% fiberglass and 20% epoxy resin.
Unique adaptable post design
• Original because it is parallel and has an adjustable conical sleeve that slides vertically. The system is designed with a special drill corresponding to post design.
• The sleeve slides when the post is inserted, transforming a sharp, parallel post into a custom post. The special shape of the sleeve adapts the oval anatomy of the root canals, increasing the contact between the post and canal walls.
Adaptable single post benefits
• A unique system that can be used in different morphologies of the canal.
• Adjustable – the system promotes excellent canal adaptation.
• The design of the posts allows the mechanical retention of the sleeve.
• Positioning the sleeve together with the post facilitates the filling of the canal, increasing the retention and reducing the risk of movement.
• The sleeve promotes a higher amount of fiber in the cervical region, allowing a smaller volume of cement and ensuring greater strength and retention.
Technical data
– Radiopacity: 5-7 mm Al
– Resistance: ≥ 1200 MPa
– Elastic modulus: 45 GPa
– Sleeve: 0.08 mm / mm
– Post Length: 18.0 mm. Apex: 0.65 mm. Body 1.0 mm. Tip 1.0 mm
– Sleeve Length: 12.0 mm. Apex 1.4 mm. Tip 2.4 mm

Cementation technique
For successful restoration, the manufacturer re-commends the following steps for cementing:
– washing the root canal with distilled water and drying with air and absorbent paper tips.
– conditioning the canal with 37% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds.
– washing the root canal with distilled water and drying with air and absorbent paper tips.
– application of the primer adhesive system and wait for 1 minute. The selected adhesive is applied to the root canal, sleeve and post according to the instructions for use.
– filling the root canal with a spatula with che-mically or dual hardened resin cement.
Initially, the post is inserted into the root canal and then the sleeve over it. Remove the excess cement and wait for the polymerization. When using a dual-strength cement, it is light-cured.
The Angelus Splendor-SAP single adjustable post package Ref. 6254 contains:
5 posts + 5 sleeves + 1 set of drills.
From the experience gained by using Single Adjustable Post Splendor-SAP produced by Angelus, I can recommend that this fiberglass endodontic system is an innovative clinical solution that gives the clinician satisfaction.

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