Orthodontics and Periodontology
Combined treatments and clinical synergies

Authors: Roberto Kaitsas, Maria Giacinta Paolone
Publisher: Edra S.p.A., Milan, Italy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2022.9(1).bookreview.2

The increasing demand for complex rehabilitative dental treatment in adult and developmental patients raises the need for multidisciplinary orthodontic, periodontal and surgical therapies.
The book entitled “Orthodontics and Periodontology. Combined treatments and clinical
synergies” by Dr. Roberto Kaitsas and Dr. Maria Giacinta Paolone aims to trace the interrelationship between orthodontics and periodontology, analyzing how orthodontic treatment can enhance the periodontal treatment plan.
In the 11 chapters of the book, the authors explain the different phases and sequences of
orthodontic, periodontal and surgical treatment and how they can interconnect with each other through a step-by-step flow.
An ortho-perio risk assessment is carried out to identify and determine what risk factors exist
as early as possible. It also shows the reader how to recognize and apply a diagnostic screening protocol not only to the full-blown ortho-perio patient, but also to patients with initially
apparently pure orthodontic growth.
Via the accompanying clinical cases performed in the labial and lingual orthodontic technique, the phases of orthodontic and surgical mechanics are described analyzing how orthodontics
enhances conventional and implantological regenerative periodontal surgical procedures.

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