Pages of history: Professor Lucian Ene – a teacher, doctor and scientist

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Lucian Ene, a renowned dentist and professor, passed away in October 2022 at the age of 96. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, colleagues, and patients.
Professor Lucian Ene was born on the 28th of May, 1926 in Balta Doamnei, Ploiești Region and in 1953 graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, which had been established in 1948, being one of the first students of this faculty. Previously, dentistry was a specialisation after studying general medicine.
Art. 89 of the 1898 education laws state that “pharmaceutical and dental education” are part of the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest, regarding “the courses and laboratories, as well as the placements in hospitals and mandatory examinations which must be passed in order to obtain the title of Dentist” [1].
In his first years as a dental student, Professor Lucian Ene developed a love for dentistry. He pursued his passion and became a respected dentist in his community, known for his expertise and compassionate approach to patient care. He graduated as a Valedictorian, being awarded a republican scholarship. He also attended courses at the University in Paris.
In 1952 he became Assistant Professor in Orthopaedic Stomatology and in 1965 Associate Professor Lucian Ene also held a position as full Professor beginning with 1969, where he inspired and mentored countless students over the years. He activated as Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry for 2 years: 1961-1962. His dedication to teaching was evident, as shown by his guiding generations of students into careers in health and social care, social work, policy development and academia [2].
For his activity, Professor Ene was awarded numerous prizes throughout his career.
In 1954 he worked as the head of the Dental Service in the Ministry of Health. In 1956 he embarked upon an important stage in his career as a member of the editorial board of the dental magazine, bringing in new medical knowledge through numerous publications.
In time, Professor Lucian Ene was an active member of various organizations and institutions meant to develop dental care, holding positions such as director of the Dental Hospital no 20 in Bucharest, dean and vice-dean of the Faculty of Dentistry in Bucharest, secretary of the Union of the Scientific Medical Societies (USSM), member of the numerous committees of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.
From the beginning until late in his career, he participated in health campaigns of a sanitary, epidemic and organizational nature in cities like Bucharest, Baia Mare, Suceava, Banat, Brasov, Cluj.
As a member of the university staff, he benefited from the guidance of the famous Prof. Dr. Eugen Costa, the latter being a permanent guide in his career [2]. In his teaching activity, he took care of the preclinical prosthodontic department. In 1955 he managed to develop a course for dental technicians, sharing his knowledge and experience.
Prof. Dr. Lucian Ene’s daily activities were of tremen-dous importance for his students, such as internships with dental faculty students, internships with the students of the faculty of general medicine and pediatrics.
He co-authored numerous courses in prosthetics like: ‘Treatment of total edentulous patient’, ‘Coronary lesions and their therapy’, ‘Orthodontics course’ [3].
In 1959 he published a valuable book meant for students about practical works in orthopedics and prosthetics, This excellent book, containing theoretical and practical tips for daily practice was sold out in a very short period of time. Even the second edition had a resounding success. Together with Professor Eugen Costa, he also published ‘The course on materials and alloys used in dental prosthetics’, which, for many years, offered the guidelines in dental material science.
Lucian Ene was a remarkable university professor and a huge personality in the field of dentistry, honorary president of the Romanian Society of Stomatology and former dean of the Faculty of Dentistry within the Bucharest Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. He supervised PhD theses, he developed a dental school, and in this way he managed to leave his mark on the history of dentistry in Romania. His name is linked to the dental higher education for the last seven decades.
Prof. Dr. Lucian Ene contributed to the development of science alongside important names in Romanian medicine as Eugen Costa, Stelica Dumitrescu, Andrei Ionescu, Emilian Hutu, leaving behind scientific works and publications that helped students and dentists [3,4]:
• ‘Impression for total edentation’ (1970)
• ‘Dental prosthetics – partial and total edentation’ (1975)
• ‘Lesions of dental crowns and their prosthetic treatment’ (1978)
• ‘Treatment of partial edentation with the help of removable prostheses’ (1981)
• ‘Skeletal prostheses’ (1982)
• ‘Partial edentation treated with removable prostheses’ (1989)
Simplicity, involvement in the organization and improvement of the education system will always be respected and remembered. The former students expressed their gratitude by continuing his scientific contributions.
As a training of numerous generations of doctors, Professor Lucian Ene will be remembered for his empathy, selflessness, and lifelong services to medicine.
Professor Lucian Ene impact on the field of dentistry and his caring nature will be forever remembered by those who knew him. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on through the countless lives he touched.



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