The Vertical Dimension in prosthesis and orthognathodontics
Integration between function and aestheticsclinical practice 

Author: Nazzareno Bassetti


Forever interested in perfecting his dental art, Dr. Nazzareno Bassetti attended the courses of Profs. Slavicek, Sato and Mehta from Donau University in Krems, Austria to obtain a master’s degree in science (M.Sc.) in “Therapy of Masticatory Organ’s Dysfunctions”. The theoretical knowledge accumulated is rigorously applied in his current practice both for
cases that required dental prosthesis treatments, orthognathodontics, implant-prosthetic approach, and for complex cases that required a multidisciplinary approach. “The Vertical Dimension in prosthesis and orthognathodontics” follows the approach to the patient as seen by the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID), so the author presents successful treatments using an individualized diagnosis and therapeutic process, finding the vertical dimension and mandibular repositioning that restore the correct combination between aesthetics and the function of the stomatognathic system. The book is divided in eight chapters and ends with three case reports convincingly described and illustrated. Starting from the transversality of gnathologic principles, the analog and digital gnathologicdiagnostic flow are presented in detail. A separate chapter analyzes facial macro-aesthetics related to the mandibular position. After approaching the occlusal plane and craniofacial development, dentition development is presented from the perspective of occlusal concepts.
Digital functional smile design (DFSD), three-dimensional management of the vertical dimension and gnathologically-guided implantology concepts are described in the vertical dimension project according to VieSID.
The key to the success of oral rehabilitation is knowledge of the mandibular repositioning techniques, Occlusal Mandibular Repositioning Technique – OMRT (Bassetti), Therapeutic Provisional and Rehabilitative Orthodontics Technique – MEAW (Sato) or Early Mandibular Repositioning Technique – EMRT. The last chapter makes a sequential presentation of the ten key points that ensure the success of the treatment plan.
Through this book accompanied by a vast iconography (approximately 700 images) Dr. Bassetti manages to successfully put into practice the theories developed for the last fifteen years by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek within VieSID.
The book addresses all practitioners concerned with oral rehabilitation, orthodontists, prostho-dontists, implantologists and dental technicians, as they all need a motivated gnathological evaluation of their interventions.

The Books Review is drafted in the reviewer’s sole wording and illustrates his opinions

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