Trattamento semplificato in Gnatologia
Il metodo Global Occlusion

Author: Piero Silvestrini Biavati
Publisher: Edra S.p.A., Italy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2021.8(3).bookreview.4

Over time, a number of renowned researchers have published books in which they have made known to the readers the basics and practice of gnathology: Niles F. Guichet – Gnathology: Every Day Dentistry, 1964; William K. Solberg – Clinical Gnathology and Occlusion, 1974; Axel Bauer, Alexander Gutowski – Gnathology: Introduction to Theory and Practice, 1976; Charles E. Stuart, Irwin B. Golden – The History of Gnathology, 1984.
Dr. Piero Silvestrini Biavati has recently provided the readers with a book in Italian [Simplified Treatment in Gnathology: The Global Occlusion Method].
This book is the author’s plea for gnathology based on a practical, fast, manual and not very instrumental method: the Global Occlusion method. The book is divided in 13 chapters. The first two chapters present the simplified anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system and the etiology of gnathological problems. The next chapter recalls the ideal functions of the stomatognathic system. These fundamental notions contribute to a consistent functional analysis eloquently exemplified by a multitude of clinical signs, which makes up chapter four.
The fifth chapter details the gnathological examination in its complexity. Therapeutic reasoning (chapter 6), as the basis for ensuring therapeutic success is addressed in detail in separate successive chapters: the centric method and its verification (chapter 7), the therapeutic process: rehabilitation method (chapter 8), the custom bite method – SilveSplint (chapter 9), rational use of articulators (chapter 10), postural adaptation and head-neck correlation (chapter 11) and differentiated postural analysis (chapter 12).
The last chapter is a synthesis of the aim of the Global Occlusion method in order to bring each gnathology practitioner closer to include it in the routine of working with their patients. The book is clearly written,convincingly illustrated to support the author’s method. To increase the number of the more and more frequently encountered patients with gnatho-postural problems benefiting from this book, Dr. Piero Silvestrini Biavati’s “Trattamento semplificato in Gnatologia: Il metodo Global Occlusion” must be translated into English.

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