Product News

  • VOLUME 7 – 2020

The gold standard for detecting buried dental implants – RomiPointerTM Implant Detector of Romidan Ltd., Israel
Stoma Edu J. 2020;7(1):69

Your reliable support in oral surgery: PIEZOSURGERY® touch by MECTRON
Stoma Edu J. 2020;7(2):139

Degranulation kit by Strauss & Co: ensuring optimal mechanical debridement of the inflammatory tissue
Stoma Edu J. 2020;7(3):217

The gold standard for visualizing the possibilities of aesthetic dental makeover directly on the patient: IvoSmile
Stoma Edu J. 2020;7(4):295

    • VOLUME 6 – 2019

Adviser of dental industry quality products: IDS 2019
Stoma Edu J. 2019;6(1):69

Improving the realization of individualized prostheses by optical measurement of mandibular kinematics
Stoma Edu J. 2019;6(2):139

The gold standard of removable dental appliances care – Dr. Mark’s HyGenie® ergonomic oral hygiene device
Stoma Edu J. 2019;6(3):200

Gold Standard in Occlusion Control – OccluSense® by Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG
Stoma Edu J. 2019;6(4):275

    • VOLUME 5 – 2018

Telemedicine in dentistry as the gold standard of improving access to oral health care
Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):59

The way to reach the gold standard in dental surgery: Integrated Surgical
Studio Design KYRI

Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(2):127

Gold standard in dental photography: digital camera for professional dental photography, EyeSpecial C-III
Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(3):193

Teledentistry your partner in improving the oral health care of your patients
Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(4):274

    • VOLUME 4 – 2017

News that can improve your practice: from IDS 2017
Stoma Edu J. 2017;4(1):78

Professional tooth whitening by low voltage radiofrequency for mouth rejuvenation
Stoma Edu J. 2017;4(2):146

Achieving the gold standard in dental aesthetics: manufacturing individual prostheses by measuring mandibular kinematics
Stoma Edu J. 2017;4(3):224

How to reach the gold standard in prophylaxis: Guided Biofilm Therapy
Stoma Edu J. 2017;4(4):304