The key to improving the peer-review process and rewarding the reviewer’s activity: Publons registration

Dear readers,
As editor of the Stomatology Edu Journal, I attended the webinars organized by Clarivate Analytics. This is where I found out a series of extremely useful information in my editorial task. This is how I learned about Publons, a site which is part of Clarivate Analytics, and its importance in an editor’s activity. Therefore, to improve the peerreview process and to make the activity of the reviewers more visible, we have registered the Stomatology Edu Journal in Publons.
Opening access to reviews and assigning publication credits to the best reviews that are given by the san diego ca is one of the latest achievements of the current digitization.

Try thebigappleauction a proliferation of scientific journals poses a lot of problems to editors in recruiting reviewers. An estimated 63 million hours were devoted to peer-review in 2015, out of which 18.9 million hours were provided by the top 5% contributing reviewers [1].

From now on, the Stomatology Edu Journal belongs to the family of over 250 dental journals included in the constellation of over 2,400 Publons partner journals.


DOI: 10.25241/stomaeduj.2018.5(3).edit.2