STOMATOLOGY EDU JOURNAL 2018, Volume 5, Issue 1



The ethical responsibility of teaching

Dear readers,
If you were a general, going to war, you would teach your students warfare, strategies and tactical movements to reach your objective to defeat the enemy. In order to do so you accept that people would die, some on your enemy side and some within your own troops. If you were a physician, you would teach your students how to prevent and treat diseases. Would you teach them how to kill a human being? […]

Jean-François Roulet

Recommended action plans for oral health in older Europeans

The current oral health delivery system fails to meet the oral health care needs of many population groups, including the frail and care-dependent older people.
Physical and mental illness, frailty and care dependency, socioeconomic inequalities, living in nursing homes, unhealthy diet, smoking, poor oral health literacy, lack of effective oral health policies including limited public dental care coverage, and limited training of healthcare professionals […]
Anastassia E. Kossioni

Stage-level analysis: five years dedicated to the dental community

Dear readers,
Now, in the 5th year of the Stomatology Edu Journal’s existence (Stoma Edu J), I have the pleasure and honor to carry out an analysis of the main events that have been going on since its foundation. It has not been easy and neither was it uncomplicated to contact the most important national and international personalities in the field of research, education and dental practice.
They have rallied around the idea of putting together a new journal for colleagues from Romania […]
Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu


In memoriam Prof Ionel Valentin Vlad

Ionel Valentin Vlad, “Galileo Galilei” Prize winner of the International Commission of Optics (2005), died in Bucharest on 24 December 2017. He was 74. He was the President of the Romanian Academy (the highest academic forum in Romania), since 2014. He was also the Head of the ”Nonlinear and Information Photonics” group in the Laser Department of the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, as well as Professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics […]
Adrian Podoleanu
Vice President International Commission of Optics
Senior Editor Stomatology Edu Journal

In memoriam Prof Ion Lupan

The Moldovan dental community lost Professor Ion Lupan, exceptional doctor and academician.
Professor Dr. habilitatus Ion Lupan, aged 65, passed away on November 22, 2017. He was Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Head of the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery Pediatric and Orthodontic Pedodontics, senior specialist in dentistry in the Republic of Moldova, member of the Academy of Sciences. He was a talented scholar and renowned pediatric surgeon […]

Sergiu Ciobanu, DDS, PhD, Profesor, Dean “Nicolae Testemițanu” State Medical and
Pharmaceutical University, Chişinău, Moldova
Associate Editor-in-Chief Stomatology Edu Journal


ESCD congress in Zagreb a “truly international meeting”

ZAGREB, Croatia: The 14th annual meeting of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) celebrated the discipline with an exceptional scientific programme that featured 32 speakers from 17 countries and a diverse audience. Among the social highlights was the society’s welcome of new ESCD members with a traditional cap and gown ceremony at the presidential dinner. Among the highlights of the scientific programme were the lectures by Prof. Anton Sculean […]
Florin Lăzărescu
ESCD President



Toughness Measurement in Direct Resin Composites Using Quantitative Fractographic Analysis
Dental composites are a mixture of polymers and glass particles used in dental restorations to mimic the appearance and performance of teeth and are often used to repair damaged teeth [1]. Their mechanical properties have improved over the last years and consequently a lot of research has been performed to assess these properties and how they are affected by variations in particle size, polymerization depth, and viscosity […]

Citation: Angus BM, Mecholsky Jr JJ, Abdulhameed N. Toughness measurement in direct resin composites using quantitative fracto­graphic analysis. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):18-23.


Association between serum resistin level and periodontal condition change among elderly people
Adipose tissue, in current view, is not only an inert organ for energy storage, but it is able to mediate signals to play important roles in a number of physiological responses, for instance activation of secretory process from endocrine and reproductive system, modulation of bone metabolism and controlling inflammatory processes [1]. It is well established knowledge in recent years that increase in metabolic overload relates to more frequent obesity and is closely associated with higher systemic inflammations […]

Citation: Ogawa H, Damrongrungruang T, Furugen R, Hayashida H, Saito T, Yoshihara A, Miyazaki H. Association between serum resistin level and periodontal condition change among elderly people. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):24-30.


Manifestation of sleep bruxism according to the age of patients
Bruxism is a parafunctional activity, characterized by repetitive jaw-muscle clenches, tooth grinding, bracing/thrusting of the jaw, occurring either during sleep (SB – sleep bruxism) or during wakefulness (AB – awake bruxism) [1]. Bruxism is a widespread condition – around 85-90% of the general population grinds their teeth in certain periods of their life, and in 5% of these people, the grinding evolves into a clinical condition [2,3]. The prevalence of bruxism varies greatly from 5% to 96% […]

Citation: Romaniuc D, Fala V, Lăcustă V, Bordeniuc G, Fala P. Manifestation of sleep bruxism according to the age of patients. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):31-37.


Are dental measurements taken on plaster casts comparable to those taken from CBCT images and laser scanned surfaces?
New technologies like scanning techniques, cone-beam computerised tomography (CBCT) and three dimensional imaging are becoming more and more used in all branches of dental practice (conservative, prosthodontics, surgery and orthodontics). Among the other applications, these devices can replace dental plaster casts with digital models possessing several advantages: easy storage, no necessary physical space […]

Citation: Pisoni L, Codari M, Galli S, Rusconi FME, Tartaglia GM, Pucciarelli V, Sforza C. Are dental measurements taken on plaster casts comparable to those taken from CBCT images and laser scanned surfaces? Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):38-42.



Blood loss and transfusion need in orthognathic surgery: review of literature
Blood loss during orthognathic surgery has gained renewed interest for several reasons. A first reason is found in a recent school of thought that advocates the omission of surgical final splints in bimaxillary surgery but insists on the perioperative achievement of an excellent interdigitation, which in many cases can be achieved only by multisegmenting the Le Fort I osteotomy at the cost of increased operative time. Because orthognathic surgery is increasingly used to enhance facial aesthetics […]

Citation: Politis C, Agbaje JO, Lambrichts I. Bloodloss and transfusion need in orthognathic surgery: review of literature. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):44-51.



Non syndromic familial hypodontia – a case series
Hypodontia is a very common dental anomaly that occurs mainly in the induction and proliferation stage of tooth development, leading to tooth agenesis, posing a significant clinical problem.
It can occur in both the primary and permanent dentition and its classification is based on the number of missing teeth, excluding the third molars [1]. Anodontia is defined as the complete absence of teeth either in one or both arches [1,2]. Oligodontia is a severe and rare form of tooth agenesis which is defined as […]

Citation: Binladen H, Mahmoud A, Chandwani N, El-Halabi M. Non syndromic familial hypodontia – a case series. Stoma Edu J. 2018;5(1):52-57


Telemedicine in dentistry as the gold standard of improving access to oral health care
Technology in the form of a smartphone and electronic media has penetrated into our lives no matter whether we live, in the country side or the city. There are numer­ous isolated villages and communities that do not have access to specialized medical care, the more so to dental care and prevention. Today, technology proposes a para­digm shift towards better interprofessional communica­tion that helps both physicians and patients […]
Florin-Eugen Constantinescu
DMD, PhD Student
Editorial Director, Product News


Successful Local Anesthesia for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics
Al Reader / John Nusstein / Melissa Drum
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Co Inc

Keep It Simple: Concept Porcelain Book
Paulo Battistella
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Co Inc

Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy
Indications, Limits and Clinical Protocols with the Adjunctive Use of Diode Laser

Marisa Roncati
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Implant Prosthodontics
Essentials of Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

Francis Louise / Oana Dragan
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Advanced CBCT for Endodontics:
Technical Considerations, Perception, and Decision-Making

John Khademi
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Co Inc