Implant Dentistry at a Glance. Second Edition

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2019.6(2).bookreview.2

Authors: Jacques Malet / Francis Mora / Philippe Bouchard

The field of oral implantology is becoming more and more attractive for the general practitioner as well as for the students. The authors of the second edition of Dental Implant at a Glance offer students and young practitioners a clear, simple and abundantly illustrated book. The book contains 63 chapters and several edifying appendices. Each chapter has only two pages containing a clear diagram, accompanied by an explanatory text. The authors improved the first edition by adding 13 new chapters, updating it with information on advances in clinical and fundamental research that have taken place since 2012, the year of the first edition. The book includes access to an online platform, some chapters being complemented by multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and videos. The second edition of Dental Implant at a Glance, allows the authors to create an essential source for students and young practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of the latest concepts in oral implantology.

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