Implants in the Aesthetic Zone
A Guide for Treatment of the Partially Edentulous Patient

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2020.7(1).bookreview.6

Author: Todd R. Schoenbaum

As science evolves, so too, the demands of patients are booming. Aesthetics and implant treatment are increasingly popular treatment options for patients and this book aims to present the protocols for implant treatment in the aesthetic zone.
The book entitled Digital Restorative Dentistry: A Guide for Treatment of the Partially Edentulous Patient is divided into 4 parts with 16 chapters.
The first part: Treatment Planning for Implants in the Aesthetic Zone along the two chapters, presents the proper interdisciplinary treatment planning and radiographic assessment. It shows what must be taken into account: the patient’s medical conditions, dental and psychological assessment, functional and biological concerns.
The second part: Site Preparation: Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation has four chapters. It provides relevant information on indications for augmentation prior to / at implant placement, guided bone regeneration (GBR), soft tissue management and growth factors for site preparation.
The third part: Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Provisional Restoration covers three chapters.
Throughout these chapters, the reader receives information about advanced grafting techniques for implant placement in compromised sites, aesthetic risk assessment in compromised sites, management of horizontal and vertical defects, the implant-supported screw-retained provisional prosthesis: science, manufacturing and design, papilla management and development using provisional prosthesis.
The last part: Design, Fabrication and Delivery of the Definitive Implant Prosthesis has seven chapters. It tackles implant impression techniques to maximize accuracy, emergence profile of the implant abutment and its effects on the peri-implant tissues, cemented implant restorations in the aesthetic zone: biological, functional, and aesthetic considerations, screw-retained implant restorations in the aesthetic zone, delivery of the definitive abutment/ prosthesis: biologics, aesthetics and mechanical considerations, occlusal considerations and implant-abutment design to maximize the peri-implant tissue potential.
The purpose of this book is to make us aware of the importance of the interdisciplinary approach. Surgeons, restorative clinicians, and dental technicians must have a well-established protocol, adapted to the types of cases. This book supports those who want to improve their treatment technique by providing step by step protocols and many clinical cases.

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