The oral effects of e-cigarettes – a literature review

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2022.9(3-4).art.5


Background Because of regulations made against smoking, and the rising popularity of a healthy lifestyle there has been a visible change in the smoking habit of the population in the last 15 years. The negative impact on the attitude toward smoking forced the industry to develop new ways to satisfy the consumer’s nicotine need. That is how heated tobacco products and a variety of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System), such as electronic cigarettes) have been invented.
Objective This literature review aims to summarise the oral effects of consuming e-cigarettes which have been proven and publicised.
Data Sources The main source of the study has been the publications found through PubMed and NBCI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).
Study Selection Articles have been selected from the international literature if they had any information on the oral effects of e-cigarettes.
Data Extraction The information from the articles has been categorised based on the tissue and the time they last.
Data Synthesis Electronic cigarettes cause a change in saliva flow and its composition, a decrease in the blood supply of soft tissues and an immunosuppressed state in the said area, therefore the incidence of some diseases are higher among the users. Components of the e-liquid may cause damage to both soft and hard tissues, such as cancerous lesions, inflammation, chronic periodontitis and neurodegeneration. Nicotine may be absorbed by the surface of the teeth, causing patches, and some ingredients may be beneficial to the bacterial flora of the oral cavity.


E-Cigarette; Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems; Oral Health; Nicotine; Smoking

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