Color Science and Shade Selection in Operative Dentistry

Essential Elements for Clinical Success

Editors: Dayane Oliveira
Publisher: Springer Nature, Switzerland

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2022.9(3-4).bookreview.1

Dr. Dayane Oliveira, as editor and author along with 17 co-authors offers the reader a book on shade selection in Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, a book entitled “Color Science and Shade Selection in Operative Dentistry”. The 10 chapters of the book present the practitioner with essential elements for clinical success in shade selection in Dentistry.
The book begins by reviewing colour science, colour definition, colour and its dimensions (hue, value, chroma and translucency) and discussing colour perception (light, object and
observer). It then presents the optical properties of natural teeth, composition of the natural teeth
structures, optical properties of the tooth structure and optical properties of the resin composites, composition and optical properties (translucency, fluorescence and opalescence and counter-opalescence). Colour selection in operative dentistry is thoroughly explained and suggestively illustrated by methods of illumination and colour selection for composite restorations.
Descriptions of visual colour evaluation methods such as Ishihara vision testing chart and colour perception × colour acceptance thresholds, digital methods to evaluate colour and experimental designs to evaluate colour support colour evaluation for research purposes.
Knowledge of the various types of digital cameras used in dentistry, photographic equipment and accessories, as well as the fundamentals of dental photography: exposure square, grey card, cross-polarisation, communication with the laboratory are a key to clinical success in daily dental practice. Teeth whitening techniques and color measurement are described to better understand whitening procedures. Presentation of build-up layering techniques and restoration planning
using schematic drawings provide insights into natural tooth biomimetics using composites.
Finishing and polishing composite restorations are an essential procedure for the longevity of the restoration and the tooth.
Shade change in resin composite restorations, methods of minimizing discoloration, methods of correcting discoloration are also presented.
Finally the longevity of aesthetic composite restorations, reasons for failure and exploration of repair of defective restorations as a treatment option at replacement are discussed.
With its enlightening content, this book is a useful guide to the science of color and shade
selection in dentistry so that the practitioner can achieve consistent clinical success.
The book entitled “Color Science and Shade Selection in Operative Dentistry” is aimed at
practitioners in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, but is also useful for students and researchers in the field of dentistry.

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