The Magdent – MED device ensures an increase in the healing rate of dental implant procedures

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25241/stomaeduj.2022.9(3-4).prodnews.1

Florin – Eugen Constantinescu
DMD, PhD Student
Editorial Director, Product News

Titanium dental implants are widely used in dentistry to restore single to total dentition. Despite the new improvements brought to them, the healing period in which the implants should remain unloaded is 3-6 months.
It has been demonstrated that a pulsed electromag-netic field (PEMF) contributes to the increase of bone regeneration in a number of clinical fields, including dentistry.
Recently, a miniaturized electromagnetic device (MED) was introduced into the therapeutic arsenal, which fits most dental implants. MED is shaped as a simple healing abutment, it is easily screwed into the implant and removed at the end of the treatment period.
The Magdent-MED device consists of a battery, an electronic device and a coil that fits most implant designs in the same way as current single healing abutments.

The MED is made of Ti-6AI-4V and is shaped like a healing slip with a 1.25mm (0.05”) hex socket. The device is installed according to the usual protocols for the use of healing abutments, except that the MED must be activated with an Activator before it is installed inside the implant.
Similar to simple healing abutments, MED is designed for single use. Before activation, MED can be stored for up to 18 months. Once activated, the MED battery will generate an electromagnetic field for up to 30 days. MED comes in a variety of designs to fit different brands and models of dental implants.
According to the manufacturer of the MED device, it has the following advantages:
* 300% acceleration of the healing process
* 48% bone to implant growth (BIC)
* 62% increase in trabecular bone density
* 60% improvement in bone quality
* The best solution for patients with poor bone quality, autoimmune diseases, as well as heavy smokers.
According to the studies presented in the literature, I recommend the use of the Magdent-MED device to increase the success rate of implant procedures and to increase the satisfaction of the dental implant patient.

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